Over 44th CIB W062 Symposium - Water Supply and Drainage for Buildings

44th CIB W062 Symposium - Water Supply and Drainage for Buildings

The 43rd International Symposium of CIB W062 - Water Supply and Drainage for Buildings was held from 23th untill 25th of August 2017 in the Netherlands organized by TVVL.

The 44th International Symposium of CIB W062 - Water Supply and Drainage for Buildings

will be held in Ponta Delgada- AZORES/ Portugal from 28th  to 30th of August 2018, organized by ANQIP and LREC – Regional Laboratory of Civil Engineering from Azores.

The main topics of the Symposium are:

  • Water supply in buildings;
  • Sustainable use of water in buildings (rainwater harvesting, greywater reuse and efficient products);
  • Codes and standards;
  • Drainage in buildings;
  • Health aspects related to water systems (Legionella, etc);
  • Influence of natural disaster, climate change, flooding and earthquakes.

Authors are invited to submit an abstract (not exceeding 300 words) for consideration by the scientific committee. All abstracts must be in English and sent as a Microsoft Word file (*.doc), by e-mail to the ANQIP, to the attention of Ing. Carla Rodrigues: anqip@anqip.pt, before Abril 16th, 2018. The acceptance of the papers will be notified before June 1st . For further information on the Symposium, hotel accommodation, registration, etc., please contact: anqip@anqip.pt.

16th April 2018 / Deadline for abstracts

1st June 2018 / Notification of acceptance of papers

1st July 2018 / Deadline for final papers

More information is available on the Anqip-website.

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