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About TVVL

TVVL | Knowledge Platform of the Dutch Installation Technology 

TVVL is one of the most important dialogue and knowledge partners in the Dutch technical sector. We always focuse on the technical challenges of the future. With an eye on building-related installation technology, TVVL connects multiple disciplines and provides a platform where knowledge is developed and shared. We make the connection between knowledge and people. We were founded in 1959, the organisation now has over 1000 personal members and 500 company members.

What do we do? A lot! Discover our services.


Passionate experts explore, research and innovate together on important themes. They focus on a sanitary, climatronic, building automation, electrical engineering, innovation, BIM, circularity, healthy buildings and hydrogen angle.


The TVVL Magazine is published 6 times a year, where nearly 6000 readers are informed about the latest developments and scientific research in the field. It has been a highly valued professional magazine for decades with relevant themes such as sustainability, circularity, digitization and the energy transition.


With the annual organization of almost a 100 national, regional and online events, we multiply knowledge and inspiring ideas within the technology industry.


With online platform TVVL Connect thousands of Dutch professionals connect and work together. They can easily stay informed of development and innovations in which they are interested and share knowledge.


Young professionals already build a business network during in an early stage of their carrier, during cool YOUNG TVVL events. Because we encourage young talent, membership to the association is free up tot the age of 26.


Education is an indispensable pillar within our goal as an association, namely to make a substantial contribution to a sustainable living environment of overcapacity. That is why TVVL has an extensive range of professional training for professionals in the technology industry. The experts educate each other by transferring their knowledge.


But TVVL actually does much more than the above. For example, we were at the foundation of practical tools such as the circulation disc, the master plan for ventilation or the program of requirements for healthy buildings. We encourage thinking in scenario studies, foresight studies and our annual theme or future and trends report. And in 2022 we are the proud global host of CLIMA 2022 in Ahoy.



The board sets the strategic course for the association. The board consists of:

  • Jaap Dijkgraaf, Chairman
  • Jan Jaap Blüm, Secretary
  • Olaf Oosting, Portfolio Marketing & Communication
  • Richard van Dongen, Portfolio Regional Network
  • Marc van Bommel, Portfolio Knowledge Square
  • Jacques van der Krogt MBA, Portfolio YOUNG TVVL
  • Kees Boekel, Portfolio Knowledge Development


The association office is the driving force behind all activities and consists of 21 passionate professionals. We would not be able to make such a big impact without the efforts of our hundreds of very active members who take a seat in one of the 6 expert groups, 7 regional networks, our editorial team, editorial board, quality committee, speaker at one of the numerous events or as a teacher at one of the 50 courses.

Do you want to meet us? We look forward to seeing you at CLIMA2022 in Ahoy Rotterdam!
Visit our event as a guest or help us bring professionals together worldwide and become a sponsor.


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