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What is Remanpath?
Remanpath is a workshop that aims to support SMEs in the building industry towards setting up remanufacturing activities in their own business.
Cities are rapidly consuming our finite material resources, and most of these resources go straight to the waste stream when buildings are demolished. During building demolition, valuable products are often discarded, when they could have been remanufactured and resold. Remanufacturing makes both environmental and economic sense, and we already have the technical solutions to do it. What’s missing now is a new systemic tructure, allowing different stakeholder in cities - architects, engineers, manufacturers, urban miners - to work together and close the building product loop.

Workshop information
Date Tuesday, 22-January, 2019
Time 12.00 - 17.00
Venue Faculty of Architecture, TU Delft (Berlage Zaal 2)

12.00 Welcome and lunch
13.00 Introduction of participants
13.30 Introduction - What is Remanufacturing?
14.00 Coffee break
14.30 Remanufacturing business models exercise
15.30 Successful remanufacturing case studies
16.30 Drinks and networking

Who should come?
This workshop is aimed at SMEs in the building industry who are interested in remanufacturing, but are not actively doing it yet. In this workshop we are focusing on products related to building facades and services. No prior knowledge in remanufacturing is required. The workshop is free of charge.


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To register, please send an e-mail to t.p.y.tsui@tudelft.nl

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